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As We Destroy the World, the Rich Will Survive (A Little Longer)

The consequences of climate change and the poisons that have caused it will hurt us more than it does them.  That’s right. The elusive them. The ubiquitous they.  But this is not a conspiracy theory.  There is no plotting going on and there is no evil plan.  It is much worse than that.  There is no plan at all!  And they are all plotting against one another, as well as us lowly peons.

BP, Monsanto, Big Banking, Wall Street, and all the usual suspects are not in this together.  Any of them would cheat any of the others as easily as they rape the earth.  They are all going in separate directions with absolutely no plans that include any realities.  Their plans are based on imaginary fiscal calendars and the capitalist concept of profit.

And in an alternate reality, scientists, universities, United Nations groups, and others create reports, studies, and recommendations to prevent or mitigate some of the problems being caused.  The fantasy of this reality is that anyone in these companies care.  The idea that the politicians or capitalists will pay any attention to these predictions and solutions is puppy dog naïve and fairytale optimistic.  And most of our politicians don’t want to know: they choose to remain in a state of willful blindness.  Corporations pay better than smart people.

And many of these studies commit a common fallacy that some areas will be better off while others decline.  The climate may improve temporarily in some locales, but there will be many woes befall the people who happen to be living on farmable land or have clean water when the U.S.A. loses its farm and grazing lands and has depleted and poisoned its water sources.  Between the capitalists and the imperialists, these areas will become unlivable very quickly.

The earth has enough resources for as far into the future as any fiscal calendar can see.  And these resources can be turned into profit with a little digging, drilling, scraping, fracking, pumping, damming, and poisoning, fertilizing, and even modifying the very genetics of living things.  And they will keep what they make and we will share what they destroy.  The poor will lose in any crisis, while the richest and most powerful will buy ways to survive longer and even profit from the crises they create.

Therefore, I contend that the crises predicted in these studies will happen and that most of the solutions or programs that may mitigate some of these disasters will never be implemented.  For over 250 years the peoples of the earth have increasingly embraced the capitalistic economic theories that are based on continual, exponential growth and expansion.  It becomes more apparent everyday that if we continue this, we will kill ourselves and most other animals on the planet.  And, yes, the poor will be the first to suffer, but no one will be immune.  We may go first, but we won’t go alone.

I have included two of these reports as representative examples.  Both explain estimated levels of crises and  have provided some very sound means of planning for and mitigating some of these problems.

Linkages between population dynamics, urbanization processes and disaster risks: a regional vision of Latin America UNFPA, UNISDR, and UN HABITAT (2012)

Reducing Poverty, Protecting Livelihoods, and Building Assets in a Changing Climate: Social Implications of Climate Change for Latin America and the Caribbean  Dorte Verner, World Bank (2010)


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